Tuesday, January 24, 2017

To "It"

Shriveled skin
Crackling bones
Drying souls
Dermal holes

All the things
Pertaining to
Death and pain
Are wholly you

You take joy
In scattered dreams
You smile in triumph
At assaulting schemes

A beating heart
You don't possess
Rather you hide
Behind sweet caress

Portraying yourself
As a caring soul
When in reality
You're hard and cold

You gain your energy
From decaying smiles
Drag begging hearts
Down gravely miles

Death is too sweet
For creatures like you
Thank all that is good
You assholes are few

I hope you find
The fulfillment you seek
But more than that
I hope now you peak

So that latter life
For you is hell
Because you no longer
Can cast your spell

And no longer will you
Wreak havoc and pain
Living only on
Memories of the slain


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