Saturday, February 25, 2017

From Dry Bones

From these dry bones I rise
Singing your praises evermore
From the ashes of sorrow
I reach for you Lord

From the tears I'm drowning in
I strive to find you God
Even though the land
Of evil servants I trod

When I feel lost and broken
You remain the same
When I lack courage to stand
You are a lion untamed

When I hide trembling in fear
You stand strong and true
When I feel broken beyond repair
You say you've got the glue

Eloquent I may not be
But your word is filled with love
When I am inadequate
You guide me from above

An innocent face
An untamed soul
A fire in her eyes
And grace in her bones

A quick wit
And ready grin
A sharp mind
Drawn to sin

Both evil and good
Both harsh and kind
A perfect bond
Of body and mind

A minds eye
Limits her not
She spreads her wings
Beyond all thought

You know what's said
Of judging a book
A cutaneous shell
She long ago shook

So watch her soar
On a myriad of wings
Searching for always
The substance of kings