Monday, April 4, 2016

The Girl Who Once Was

I saw a girl 
skipping through sand
Joy on her face
And heart in her hand

She held it out freely 
With no contempt
A scarlet smile 
And away she went

To and fro 
No place could she stand
Flittering about
Blessing all land

Her joy most definitely 
Couldn't be 
It could not live
In the world of thieves

I stalked 
And creeped
And followed behind
This girl so different 
This girl so alive 

I killed this girl
With a blade to her throat
And no one else 
On would she dote

Because this world 
Is hard and cold
Accepts only pain
And legends of old

The life I ended
I do so regret
My heart is burdened 
I cannot forget

For myself did die
That Summer day
Laying still
Under sun ray

Thinking somehow
I could atone
For the hurt to come
And the betrayal 
Of my very own