Tuesday, January 24, 2017

How Many Feelings

If God truly aches
For all of the hurting
And frowns sadly
With those yearning

If God smiles
At people's glee
And claps with us

If He walks with the homeless
Hand in hand
And listens in earnest
To angelic bands

How many hearts
Does His break with
And how many joys
Does He feel amidst

God is God
This much I know
What boggles my thoughts
Is the one below

How many feelings
Does God feel each day
If He feels them all
The exact same way?

All as fierce
And worthy of note
All as full
And Him I'll quote:

"I came for the sick
The lonely and lost
I came for the burdened
When I carried my cross

And on that cross
I captured all sorrow
I captured all pain
And hurt of tomorrow

Because of that cross
You'll be with Me forever
These feelings that I feel
Will never be severed

For I feel all things
With a dose of love
And look at you cherishingly
From far up above."


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